Aims and Objectives

To help combat rural isolation

Recognised by the Scottish Government as a significant health and wellbeing issue, one clearly relevant to our area, by having free and open access to a place in a central location where everyone will know your name and take an interest in you.

A space for making and repairing things

An integral workshop area and studio facility in which to let your imagination run riot no matter what skills you do or don’t possess.

Somewhere to relax and meet people

The first community building built in the village since the 1970’s – a modern, comfortable and secure environment in which to engage with others or just to relax in like-minded company.

To Teach a practical Skill

There will be people who will be grateful to learn from whatever skills or experiences you have accumulated in your career .

To learn a practical Skill

You and as your co- users will be from all walks of life and only too keen to share their skills.

To provide a truly Community Space

The Community Shed is a genuine non-profit making, inclusive community facility run by and open to all members of the community over eighteen