Funding and Support


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The South Aberdeenshire Local Action Group(SALAG) is a partnership of community, private and public sector organisations, with a dedicated Secretariat, responsible for the management and delivery of rural/Leader elements of the South Aberdeenshire Local Development Strategy.

Approximately £2.8m from the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and Scottish Goverment has been allocated to support a bottom-up community-led approach to delivering the South Aberdeenshire Local Development Strategy. Their vision is a strong, thriving South Aberdeenshire where people in rural communities are motivated to make change happen.

Aberdeenshire Voluntary Action

Supporting the Third Sector and communities across Aberdeenshire, AVA has been there for us all the way through our shed project, providing advice and information on what help is avalable to us. They also provided funding to help us through the Covid19 Pandemic.

We were successful in getting a grant from them to install a Tesla Powerwall to optimise use of solar PV power over the entire day.

George Crombie

The prevention or relief of poverty, the advancement of health and the relief of those in need by reason of age, ill-health, disability, financial hardship or other disadvantage.

ASDA Foundation

The ASDA Foundation was one of the very first organisations to provide funding for the Shed. The ASDA Foundation supports small grass roots organisations in a number of ways throughout the year.

Working with ASDA's Community Champions in store they are able to work with a range of organisations and groups on a range of projects.

VATTENFALL unlock our future fund

Providing funding which enabled us to complete installation of nearly 12kw of solar panels and their tie-in to the shed electrical system.

The overall purpose of the fund is to support charitable activity that addresses the folowing criteria:

- Contribute to a climate smarter world with sustainability at its core.

- Invest in community facilities and activities that are fit for the future and are environmentally sustainable, especially community spaces and transport.

- Encorage projects which are innovative in their delivery. As a major focus of the fund is innovation and breaking the mould, the Panel will particularly welcome applications for new ideas and initiatives that either need trying out or where pilot activity has been successful.

- Ensure a legacy and lasting impact, which clearly brings benefit to the local community.

The Stafford Trust

The Stafford Trust was set up in 1991 by the late Mrs Gay Stafford of Sushie Estate near Stirling and on her death in 2005, the residue of her estate was bequeathed to the trust.

The trust does not actively fund raise but seeks to continue her Philanthropic work through careful stewardship of its existing resources.

The trust makes grants to charities from the income generated from the trust fund, which provides financial support to charities registered in the United Kingdom, with a preference to those in Scotland.


The driving force behind the organisation was their founder, Lady Reading in 1938 who maintained that
"As a nation we require voluntary sevice today as much as we have ever done in the past"

which still rings true. Formally known as the WVS, Royal Voluntary Service, has inspired around two million women and men to give their time to help others.

Royal Voluntary Services inspires and enables people to give the gift of voluntary service to meet the needs of the day, in hospitals and in local communities.

The MacRoberts Trust

The MacRobert Trust, based in Tarland, just a few miles from the Aboyne & District Community Shed, performs three roles, It is a dynamic charity, It is the owner of an historic legacy and it is a forward-thinking landlord with a large and vibrant estate to manage.

The Trust operates within a modern context, but keeps their benefactor Lady MacRobert's belief alive that young people can strive to achieve great things, no matter how disadvantaged their backgrounds.

Since it began, The MacRobert Trust has donated millions of pounds to charitable organisations, created a variety of prizes, awards, traineeships and endowments, and paid for building works across the country.

Aberdeenshire Council

The local authority serving the residents and businesses of Aberdeenshire providing the best possible environment in which to live and sustain a healthy community and enterprising economy. Local area grants to community projects are a practical application of the Council's aims in improving the well being of communities. The Aboyne and Mid-Deeside Shed is in the Marr area of Aberdeenshire and we are indebted to the Marr Area Committee for their support throughout the build project.

The Clothworkers Foundation

The Clothworkers Foundation was set up by The Clothworkers Company in 1977. Since then it has awarded capital grants totalling more than £140 million.

The Clothworkers Foundation award capital grants to charities registered in the UK and to not-for-profit organisations which can demonstrate that they work across one or more of our defined programme areas. They also award non-capital grants through their Proactive and Regular Grants Programmes, which are not open to applications.

The Clothworkers Foundation awarded us a substantial sum which has gone towards the later stages of the building work and fitting out of the building.


The Co-op Local Community Fund supports projects across the UK that their members care about.

They strive to help communities to come together, co-operate and have a positive impact on Community wellbeing - physically and virtually.

The Co-op Local Community Fund provided much needed financial support during the early phases of our project.

The National Lottery Community Fund

The National Lottery Community Fund - supporting communities to thrive. When people are in the lead, communities thrive. People understand what's needed in their communities better than anyone. We listen, collaborate and fund so good things happen. That's why we're proud to award money raised by Lottery players across the UK.

Aboyne & Upper Deeside Rotary Club

Aboyne & Upper Deeside Rotary Club has been proud to be involved with the establishment of the Community Shed, from it's inception when the Rotary Club facilitated a pilot meeting to gauge interest in Aboyne for such a project, to the present day. From that initial meeting the concept took hold and a stand alone committee was formed which has evolved over the ensuing years to produce the superb structure which is now in place.

The Rotary Club are pleased to have an ongoing involvement with the project, recognising its immense value to the community in terms of well being and social interaction, outcomes which reflect the ideals of the Rotary Movement.

Aboyne and Mid Deeside Individuals and Businesses

On behalf of the people of Aboyne and Mid Deeside, The Trustees of the Aboyne & Mid Deeside Community Shed wish to thank all those local Individuals and businesses who have generously contributed their time and funds to furtherance of this project which is now completed.

Your help has been invaluable in bringing together the community and those who work and live in it, for the ongoing benifit to us all. To all of you - Thank you.

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Gerry Robb Architectural Design Service

On behalf of the people of Aboyne and Mid Deeside, The Trustees of the Aboyne & Mid Deeside Community Shed wish to give a massive thank you to Gerry and Adam Robb who have given so generously of their time in the design of this beautiful building.

The Sottish

Hydro Electric



The Scottish Hydro Electric Community Trust

The Scottish Hydro Electric Communuity Trust is an independant charitable trust which was founded by Scottish Hydro-Electric plc (now SSE plc) to provide help to customers in the company's distribution area faced with high charges for an electricity connection.

The Gordon and Edna Baxter Foundation

"Spreading a little fertiliser"

The Gordon and Edna Baxter Foundation supports a wide range of causes across the North of Scotland. The Foundation was founded to "spread a little fertiliser" in the local communities, and that means supporting good causes across a broad range of themes and activity.

The NHS Grampian Endowment Fund

The NHS Grampian Endowment Fund consists of over 800 different fund gifted to wards, departments and locations throughout Grampian. As well as supporting research into all the major diseases, the funds provide grants for community groups and projects that benefit health in the community.

Scotmid Co-op serving our communities and improving people's lives since 1859

Scotmid is able to make so many donations in our local communities because they are an independant co-operative society. They are not owned by a private board of directors.

They are owned by 60,000 members who all have an equal say in how their Society is run. if you wish to join the Society, you can pick up a form at your local Scotmid store and submit it to the cashier along with £1 share capital.

The Robertson Trust

The Robertson Trust provides funding for organisations and initiatives that address:

Educational pathways :- We aim to deliver an education system that maximises its contribution to wellbeing, spotting and addressing truma, and tackling poverty.
Financial security :- Through our financial security theme, we want to fund,support, and influence to improve adequacy, income security, reduce cost-related pressure on finances, and improve financial safety nets for people in financial trouble.
Work pathways :- Equipping people for the future by supporting learning and skills.
Emotional wellbeing and relationships :- We want to see a Scotland that builds stonger wellbeing and relationships for people, families, communities and with services, to maximise the potential and wellbeing of those currently held back by poverty and trauma.

Crerar Hotels Trust

The Crerar Hotels Trust is our charitable trust that has a key focus on improving the quality of everyday lives in local communities across Scotland.

Bettering the quality of life for people from a variety of backgrounds is at the heart of Crerar Hotels Group, which is why The Crerar Trust was established to give back to local communities.
As a charitable trust funded by the Crerar Hotels Group, the CrerarTrust is tasked with gifting more than half of the company's annual distributable profits to good causes. These organisations have links to where Crerar Hotels are based or have interests

The Hugh Fraser Foundation

The Foundation makes donations to charities working in many different sectors including medical research, hospitals,education, organisations working with the young and aged, the handicapped and under-privileged and art organisations.

The Trustees policy is to pay special regard to applications from Scotland, particularly from parts of Scotland where the local economy and/or circumstances make fund-raising for charitable purposes difficult.

The Trustees consider that better use of funds can be made by making grants to charitable bodies to assist them with their work, than making a larger number of grants to individuals.

Local Energy Scotland Manage CARES, the Scottish Goverment's Community and Renewable Energy Scheme.

Local Energy Scotland give communities, business and other organisations advice and funding in all aspects of local, renewable energy.

Aboyne & District Men's Shed is a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation SCO47036