Update October 2020

In case you haven’t read our status in the ‘Deeside Piper’ recently, here is our news: we have now received full funding for the kitchen units, allowing us to award that contract, and we hope to be able to complete the final fit of the Fire Alarm, CCTV and intruder alarm systems soon. The interior decoration is also progressing well. Later, not so far off now, we will advertise open periods where you can come and take a look at the space and talk about use. Given that we are nearing completion, work is now going ahead on establishing an interim Aboyne Community Shed (ACS) Operating Committee that will address – use of the building; develop a specific ACS web site; and complete ACS membership application details. The Committee will comprise people from the various groups that will use the building, with each group being a member of the ACS.Turning to a new project, we are in the process of assembling an application for the Scottish Government Townships Capital Fund. This application will consist of installing a new vehicle and pedestrian gate from the Cemetery car park, upgrading the roadway to the Shed and installing vehicle and pedestrian gates into the site. Perimeter fencing around the whole site is also proposed for the purposes of improving security and providing a safe boundary from the public walking areas. The present ground surfaces are unmade and resurfacing will enable better access for those with mobility issues, provide long term durability and safer pedestrian access. Should anyone wish to see or discuss these improvements, we are pleased to invite your comments and can provide details on request by using the contact information below. The application deadline is the 14th October so time is very short. Best wishes and keep safe, in what are difficult and demanding times.