3rd July 2019

Aboyne & District Community Shed update.

It’s been a long time since we were able to provide you with an update on our project to build the Aboyne & Mid Deeside Community Shed. We are now delighted to tell you that our major funding has come through, the land lease is signed and plans are under way to start building very soon. The message below went out to all our registered supporters by email. For those of you not yet registered, please email us at

…….and someone will get back to you.

At this point can we reiterate that although it is the Aboyne & District Men’s Shed Committee that is leading this project, the building will be a community asset, open to all and any group wishing to use it (including of course the Men’s Shed!).

The news we have all been hoping for has arrived.
We are pleased to inform you that the Aboyne and District Men's Shed project has now received award of major funding from the European Agricultural and Rural Development Fund. This will provide sufficient funds for a serviced wind and watertight two level building to the design many of you have seen. The building will be located in the old quarry off Ballater Road and adjacent to the Aboyne Games Shed. We are extremely grateful to the Aboyne Castle Estate for the land which is leased under favourable terms.

Contract arrangements are now proceeding to formalise access to the funds and to establish a build schedule with the works Contractor. Completion will require fit out of the upper floor social area, landscaping and paving. This part of the project is only partially funded and is an area where we know we will need help.
The project represents a major new social development for Aboyne. The facility will offer opportunities for local people, as groups or individuals, to become involved in a range of practical activities, projects or events. In opening access to the wider Community the building while providing workshop space for Men's Shed times will also be available for scheduled access by other groups. Accordingly, the building will operate under the title of the "Aboyne and Mid-Deeside Community Shed"
Once we have some of the kick off aspects in progress and the build schedule confirmed we will advise you of a suitable meet up event. While some way from operating we will be interested in resurrecting ideas for what is required for shed facilities, workshop equipment and so on and where help to finalise the project will be required.

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The facility will provide the adult residents of Aboyne and its surrounding area with a wide range of social and interactive amenities close to the centre of the village adjacent to the Highland Games Equipment Store. A major consideration for the location was that it should be readily accessible by public transport, cycle and by foot.

From a well-being perspective Sheds have proved to significantly reduce isolation and social exclusion brought about by age, personal circumstances or lack of amenity. Men's Sheds originated in Australia to serve just such needs and they now exist in many locations worldwide. Aberdeenshire has several sheds already in operation and more, like Aboyne, are in early stages of preparation.

Membership of the Men's Shed is open to all adults residing in Aboyne and District, irrespective of gender. Membership is free, as is access to the facility. Community groups will be encouraged to use the facility, the range of which will be determined by the users and will include a workshop, comfortable social area, computer station and fully equipped kitchen. This will give the opportunity to learn, exercise and pass on skills, new and old - for example metalwork and woodwork, computer use and cooking.

As a not-for-profit charity, the Aboyne Men's Shed trustees gratefully acknowledge the generous assistance of Aboyne Castle Estate in securing the site. Mr Gerry Robb, Architectural Design Services, has given exceptional help in matters of design and planning preparation. Several funding authorities and individuals have expressed keen interest in becoming involved with this worthwhile amenity. Aberdeenshire Councillors and officials have also been very supportive, encouraging the Trustees to press forward with the project.

Just a few words on the Shed concept for those who may not know. Each community Shed is different as it depends on what the members want. In our case we see a restful social area with kitchen, IT connected area with wifi, table for eating and meeting and a significant workshop area with adequate storage for materials. Woodworking, metalworking and benches for fixing/repairing/making items from hobby related activities with access to extensive DIY tools. This will be a place that gives people a continued purpose in life through the blend of socially meeting and the work skills we can apply and share with others.

You can learn more about Men's Shed's by logging into the site or see our own Aboyne Men's Shed page on Facebook;  and of course here on where you can contact us via the contact form (see CONTACT US button). Alternatively email us at:-

Please note, our Register of  Interest is open for interested  parties, whether as actual prospective Shed members or as a source of skills support e.g. materials, specialist skills or building plant etc.So please DO get in touch.

Regards from the AMS Committee 

Chairman - Mike Brooks ; Vice Chairman - Stuart Robertson; Secretary - Duncan Leitch; Treasurer - Phil Lay; Community Officer - Dave Marshall; Committee Members - Brian Paterson, Ken McLean, John Stodter; Associate - Doug Riach.