Latest News 20th July 2017

Latest News 20th July 2017

News Update


Lots has happened since the last update!


  • Thanks are again due to Gerry and Adam Robb who have added loads of detail to our Planning Application drawings for the shed. These new drawings are now out to tender to local builders. By early August we should be able to firm up on our budget for the shed build.
  • We have applied to the Hydroboard to get a budget quote for laying power to the shed. This will be something of a challenge as the site is some way from the nearest main power run.
  • Thanks to everyone who has put positive comments onto the Aberdeen Council Planning website. It is great to see so much public support for the shed, and not one single negative comment! It will be at least late August before we know the outcome of our application, due to the holiday period.
  • Great to see so many people coming by our stall at the Victory Hall on 17th June as part of AVA’s Community Open Day.
  • On 24th June we rented a pitch at the Car Boot Sale on the Aboyne Green. We raised £218.85. Thanks to all those who brought stuff for us to sell. Thanks also to Rab Birnie who came to help the committee members on the day. The extra pair of hands was most welcome!
  • We have had further support from the Marr Area Committee to help with the costs associated with our planning application. We are most grateful for this continuing support.


Now for a couple of up-coming events, details of which have just been sent out to all those on our “list”. Here is the text below:-


Hello to all our interested parties. At the previous update we informed you of the submission  of the Shed planning application which is now in process. Our thanks to those of you who went online and gave your support, this helps greatly.


 We now have two key dates for you and with those a request for your support.


The first one coming up fast is the 5th of August, 150th anniversary of the Aboyne Games at which we will have a bottle stall and other items lucky draw. We would of course be pleased to take any offerings for this event  (from 08:30 on the Green) with the usual bottles, soft drinks and other items welcome. Most of all is to come and meet us and get lucky. We will also have the intended Shed design present for any enquiries.


The next event, for which a reminder will be issued later is an Open Invitation for Thursday the 24th August, 7 - 8 pm at the Aboyne Bowling club adjacent to the Victory Hall. 

The opportunity offered is to meet the Trustees, be informed of status, present and planned and most importantly to obtain your ideas on the facilities you wish to see provided in the workshop and social areas. Design drawings will be available.

We can also explain current thoughts on our Organizational model and how this Community Social Hub and Men's Shed might serve all residents and groups in Aboyne and District. Tea, coffee and cakes will be available.


Please come along. This invite is most important in helping steer AMS forward and involving you as future potential users.